How To Choose A Sugar Glider Cage 

Are you considering getting sugar glider as your new pet? This could be a very unusual choice since they are little enchanting creatures that will bring about great pleasure since they are fascinating to watch. You can carry them in your shirt pockets. These creatures are very friendly with their owners and also with each other. If you are determined to have them as pets, you need to know that you are required to have at least two sugar gliders since they are very social and need a company of one of their kind. Sugar gliders are considered exotic animals and they need special attention for them to survive. view collection

You need to be aware that not all states legalize the rearing of sugar gliders as pets. Their native country is Australia and it is illegal to keep them unless you are approved by the state and have a special license. Sugar gliders have a lifespan f 9 to 15 years but your lifestyle will have a lot of influence whether you are capable of taking care of them to live for these years. Once you get a pet, you will keep it for life. It becomes part of the family. 

You may be thinking of how you can provide a good home for this exotic pet. You are aware of their habitat and you definitely know that they are nocturnal. Housing them in an appropriate enclosure is defiantly your first concern. There are many ways in which you can build their cages.  Constructing one can be a great move because you are able to fit in the spot that you have chosen. find out more

The main important factor that you need to consider is the dimension. If you are keeping a pair, you need to have a minimum of 24 inches for diameter and width. The minimum height is 36 inches since these animals are climbers and you need to be concerned about their climbing instincts. The mesh should not be more than half an inch wide. You can also set some ropes and branched inside the cage and the pet will always be healthy and strong with the climbing exercises.  

You can also place a plastic tray under the cage to trap any material that may fall from the cage. You also need to have a secure latch since sugar gliders are very smart and they may discover a way of opening them.

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